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Law without education is a dead letter. With education

the needed law follows without effort and, of course,
with power to execute itself; indeed, it seems to execute
                                    – Rutherford B.Hayes
The above the quote by Rutherford says the importance
of education in LAW. Mere framing of laws tumbles
down as dead. Education of law is the actual definition
for Living Law.

INDIA, a country with wide diversities, different culture
and huge population is noted with its long index of laws. Laws in India are framed favorably to all the citizens ,government and state. Laws are the set of rules laid down by authorities for the proper regulation of community or
society. Law is an expression of human society
concerning the external relations of its individual
members. State has to maintain law and order.


a country in Southern Asia is well known for its
huge population and cultural difference. Framing laws for countries like India extraordinarily challenging.
There are majorly 18 laws under which there are several acts, codes and amendments. As said by Ronald Reagan, “ The Constitution was never
meant to prevent people from praying; Its declared
purpose was to protect their freedom to pray. Constitutional Law is the real meaning of freedom.


Constitution Law is a set of laws which deals with all
structures of the country. The study of theConstitution is basically referred as Constitution law.  The Constitution of a country is the one that defines the nation in an comprehensive. It define the role, structure, power and
functions of various body functioning inside the state. It includes – Executive, Legislative , Judiciary and all others entity that meets the basic right of the citizens. Indian Constitution is the longest Constitution in the world. It is said the the Constitution of India is a
borrowed Constitution as it has borrowed many good
aspects from different Constitutions of the world.
Indian Constitution is designed in all inclusive manner categorized into Parts, Schedules , Articles and Amendments

It has totally 25 parts, 12 schedules, 448 articles and 104 amendments.

5 Good things about this subject

Constitutional law is rather a very interesting subject. As a law students, one can never deny, that from the first day of college till the end, one word that is constantly heard would be Constitution. That great is the significance of Constitution. The good things about this subject, in myopinion would be:
1. It is one of the comprehensive laws of the land. The drafting committee of the constitution has written in such a manner that there should be no confusion in any of the matter in the future. The interpretation of the Constitution is one of the most extraordinary ability one can ever have . This document has left a sense of self confident and assurance.
2. It is very beautifully structured and designed. TheConstitution of India is a mixture of many Constitution in the world. But, the way it is drafted would never give a such kind of thought. It covers all the matters and issues and also provides detailed coverage with correct
choice of words. The Article are structured in a growing
order that makes the reader to understand better.

3. The Constitutional law provides an idea about all
others laws in India. This has gone to the nook and
corner of the state. It grants powers to the president and
also states the liberty of an ordinary layman. Thus, it is a balance book of the nation.
4. Talking about its features, it is the only handwritten
constitution in the world and also the lengthiest
document. Its provisions such as limits of overnment,
for the people, by the people and of the people, checks
and balance, fundamental rights and duties, additional
powers, importance to the minorities and equality, makes it more beautiful.
5. Finally, one last thing about this subject is its
understanding. Though sometime we fail certain things to understand but when one reaches its peak of analysis
and understanding, no one can ever stop him. Case laws
and other precedents have made the process easier. Just studying this subject would never give the real taste, rather practically performing would be the real journey to the sky.

Thus these are the five things that I like the most in the Constitutional law subject.


Constitutional law is a comprehensive subject. Focusing on one particular theme would never give us any answer. People in India today have major issues relating to violation of fundamental rights. One need to fully understand the real meaning of these rights. If every citizen of India is well educated regarding these rights, I , personally feel that there would be no issues in connection with these rights. For the reason, that each people would recognize the rights of himself as well as others. So, this can be one of the most important areas where everybody need to be attentive when compared to
others. Constitution is the supreme law. Any overrule would subject to punishment. All citizens are under the rule of constitution. But regarding any changes in the constitution, the reason must be of real reasonable. Law is an instrument for changing the society and vice versa. Sometimes, changes in the society can bring changes in law. But, in matter of constitution, one have to obey it . However, certain exceptions always exists. Even the constitution itself has provided the power to the parliament to amend the provisions when it is of mere necessary. Thus when situation comes at an junction where a change is must, only then amendment of the constitution is done. In my opinion, Constitution till now has no defect and if in future any pops up, we must first check it with the Constitution itself the matter and then go on for further process. Fundamental rights which is the heart of the constitution is the most satisfying part that I can personally feel in my law learning.

Thus, Constitutional Law is my very favourite subject
and will be forever. It’s beauty can be tasted by its

By – Abhisha A. 


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