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Fourth Pillar of Democracy-Media?

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Democracy is a form of Government that is for the people and the three pillars of democracy are – Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. These three pillars are very effective in protecting the democratic wave of India, but, often assumed to be controlled politically. Media, on the other hand, is a bit protected from any such political as collusions and corruption. So, in this article, the types of media, the
roles it plays, the effect it inflicts on the general public, and how it can be taken as the fourth pillar is discussed.


Media is just like a mirror which helps the people to understand the figure of Democracy and its flaws in it. The important feature of media is to import the real and actual news to the citizens everywhere. It is a tool through which society can assist the political and judicial system. As far as we know, it could be of varied types – the Print media (the oldest form for transmission of news), the social media, and the
NEWS channels. These three types are very much connected, which makes it important to be featured as the fourth tier.


Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India provides handful a of powers to the citizens and the media, for your knowledge the article deals with freedom of speech and expression. But, the clause (2) of the same Article restricts freedom, in a way that should not harm any of the pre-existing laws.
It might be the ace of the Indian Democracy, but, the valid restriction is a necessary part to keep the checks and balances, not only on the three tiers but also on the fourth one.


A large amount of population is involved either directly or indirectly with the Media, be it the journalists or the editors, the victims or the criminals, the politicians, and the locals (the common people).
Therefore, it’s not just a show for the TRP, it can either make a Government or help you in destroying one. Though, we should not dwell on it too much that we forget the basic feature of democracy. As there are cases where the verdict of media was out even before the trial. Like the Arushi Talwar murder case, the Sheena Bohra murder case, Jesica Lal case and many more


The freedom of press and print media is the most cherished right and is also a traitor for the democracy, as the misleading news could oppress the facts of Justice and make democracy an autocratic system from it’s inside. This Hippocratic Democracy will lead to a failure in management and justice giving process. As, in the end “The Justice is delayed is Justice denied”. The rightful use of power and to keep it
on check should be the motto of media.


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